Hour 1:

Austin Amarca is on with Phil telling him it is ok to kill animals on his property. Especially ones that may have rabies.Callers think Austin has serious issues, and think he needs to think about what he is doing.

Hour 2:

Larry Grover is on to tell Phil he thinks it sounds stupid when a white guy says he likes jazz. Callers are outraged and believe that music is what binds cultures.

Hour 3:

A white jazz musician calls in and says Larry is wrong in what he is saying, Bud plays jazz music for him. Bud explains that the candy called Mini Dickman is part of his family. Bud is the heir to the company. Pastor Rennick congratulates Phil on the web cast. He sings “Fire.” Phil plays the flashback Ted Bell runs over ducks. Ted Bell calls in to tell Phil he wants his new music on..The Dating Game Theme. Jeff Dowder joins Phil and talks about the Peace Work he is doing on Channel 28. He plays Africa Now as his theme song. Joe Dickhead and the Professor talk about Week 2 a boxcar.

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