Hour 1

Phil opens the show talking about how U.C. Davis beat Stanford. He talks about how Katherine drove him nuts this weekend with her shoelaces. Phil plays Bud Gets Fired as the listener flashback. Phil get’s personal…discussing how him and Maria went to dinner with a couple they did not know. is asking for donations for their t.v. ads. Ted Bell calls in reporting about the Emmy’s. He is mad at Phil…he thinks Phil should have been there considering he does work for NBC. Frank Gray is on mixing it up once again. He gets genders confused with his football picks. 3rd week in September makes Frank use 3rd person female. Phil discusses teenage sex…whether they’re having it or not. Phil reads an e-mail from his listener where he torched his leg while tuning into Phil.

Hour 2

Jay Santos is on to talk to Phil about how he stops teenage girls and asks them if they have bisexual tendencies. Listeners are outraged and offended that Jay would even stoop to that level.

Hour 3

Phil goes on a rant about and plugs the website. Phil talks about how Oct. 25th is when Fillmore Middle will begin shooting. Phil discusses driving to work with his Italian Opera Music blasting. Phil believe this country has lost its mind…he plans to move to Ireland…No Mayors and No Governors. Phil believes New Orleans is corrupt…Phil says he is going to get a rice rocket.

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