Hour 1:

Channel 19 News anchor Don Berman is on the program to talk about teenage drinking and driving. He is offering a pamplet to young people that shows the side roads to take in order to avoid police officers.

Hour 2:

Bob Bakian reports on the New Orleans relief concert… Mike Myers is on stage with a retard named Kanye West. Phil talks about Shirley Beck-Vosse and also the disaster in New Orleans. R.C. Collins is at an airport and wants to go to New Orleans to shoot looters.

Hour 3:

Harvey Wireman’s Law Talk: Harvey talks about Kanye West’s Bush bashing at the Hurricane relief concert. Phil talks about why he isn’t giving any money to Red Cross. Lloyd Bonifide says that there needs to be naval resource in New Orleans. Dave Oliva saw a homeless guy with gold teeth crying in New Orleans. General Gaylan Show gives his thoughts on Red Cross. Phil talks about Christian broadcasters.

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