Hour 1

Phil’s Birthday is today, he talks about his office party and about his Birthday BBQ on Saturday. He also gives his yucca recipe..which he swears by. He discusses New Orleans…the rampant looting, shootings and rape. Randy comes on and asks “Do you think God is paying America back? R.C. Collins Baba Booey’s Phil. Margaret Gray ask Phil if he seen George Bush playing guitar while New Orleans struggles…Margaret then sings “Back in The Saddle”…Bud gives her a fart gag. Charlie comes on and asks Phil if there will ever be Mardi Gras again? He has reservations for next year. Phil reads his e-mail and remembers people saying Johnstown Flood when he was a kid.

Hour 2

David Hall is on and begs Phil to stop talking about New Orleans. He believes it does not effect most of the country. Callers flood the airwaves saying that this is a National tragedy, and has great impact on the world.

Hour 3

Chris Norton calls in and tells Phil that he wants to fund homeless by setting them up for a dating service. Callers are angry..believe that none of the money earned would help them…Phil talks about the Anza Borega Desert and that it is a great place to drop acid. Phil plays a flashback of Rev Jim Pauly..Phil says Shirley-Beck-Vossey claims she was taken off Google.

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