Tonight Larry Grover told Phil he had no idea Rick Perry helped illega aliens get state tuition. He told Phil he thinks that makes Perry almost a liberal but it will also be something he can get away with because “he’s so handsome.” Larry’s mother also came on the show to tell Phil that she’d “spend the night with Rick Perry” and told Larry “there are other uses for vegetable oil…”

Later on Don Berman joined Phil to tell him his channel 19 report on obesity in America, starting Monday, will include some weight-loss help. He will air the report in the 5 and 6 pm hours while channel 19 also does traffic reports and inevitably shows some real gory accident scenes. “That’s sure to put people off their food,” said Don.

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    Say what you want, but Sittle's comments are by far the most interesting read of anything else in the comments section, my own remarks included.

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    Sittle and Plunderpants conjoined>

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    I didn't even do anything, tim! Leave me be!!!

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    Holy shit: This has to be a milestone for sittle to just post one word? ( I think he broke his coke bottle glasses)..

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    Well at least Sittle's negative review was brief for once … Congrats my young Canuck!!


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    No comment.

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