Professor Emory Clayton was agog and aghast at the execution of “an innocent man,” Troy Davis in Georgia yesterday. But try as he might, he couldn’t exactly say why he thought Troy Davis was innocent. He finally had to settle on Bobbie Dooley’s suggestion: They got the wrong guy because all black people look the same.

Dean Wheeler joined us the next hour to talk about the rising Sarah Palin poll numbers which Dean attributed to the fact that “everyone loves a train wreck.” During the conversation though mice in a cage near Dean (The Holistic Center pet store) were chirping and Dean said they were talking about him, comparing him to “what comes out of their rear-ends.” When Pastor Rennick called the show Dean claimed the mice used “the N-word.”

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  • paddyandpeanut

    omfg TROLL GHOST. Ironswine needs to do something about Troll Ghost.

    I'd tweet it but my twitter account is private (because I hate spammers) and you're not following me 🙁

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    What's wrong? Sittle is just letting us all know that Phil gives him a good night's sleep. it's the equivalent of his favorite book to read before bed.

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    … snoozer!

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    sittle… go grab a piece of fat and slide off

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