Tonight, we welcome on Bob Green from Frazier Foods. How does Bob deal with dead beat’s using Frazier Foods credit accounts? He contracts with Financial Foundation & Reclamation, a collection agency that doesn’t muscle people. They simply say “If you were to die, say, within 48 to 72 hours from now, your children would assume your debts. Do you want that?” Some people though take that as a threat. “If they do, they do. It’s not a threat but if it gets them to pay their bill, then what the hell….”

Later, Lloyd Bonafide called to complain that those ASPCA commercials on cable about abused animals are irritating and even provoked him into kicking his dog and “flicking” a cat over his fence into a neigbors yard. In fact, the sight of a “flying cat” caused his neighbor, a widow with a nervous condition, to “flee her house through the front door, her robe flowing in the wind.” It develops that this woman has suffered the nervous condition since her husband committed suicide some years before…..when he found out she was having an affair with Lloyd!

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    Is it me or are the characters way too tame? Where is the venom off yesteryear? Is there a reason for them not being so aggressive and outlandish? That's what made the show so great.

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    Nice to hear from Lloyd after sooo long. And the fact that he mentioned the "CAROTHERS" bit was great for long-term fans!

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    I agree, time and timing would seem to be everything, though I've never been remotely close to media business dealings, much less the luminaries of hie biz. However, late night is peppered with extreme insomniacs and cynics (like us) thus very slim pickin's for a show harvesting clueless suckers from the crop.

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    Uh, yeah … that Lloyd bit was painful. It's probably too obvious, but my line would've been, "Every time i see one of those commercials, I get a craving for moo goo gai pan."

    I wonder if the time slot might be partly to blame. Middle of the night over half the country, maybe fewer gullible people are awake. It's true some bits just don't work, but even the ones that are really great aren't lining up the calls like on the old show.

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    Hendrie is a serious Prima Donna, or if not that a manic. I'm still wondering if his tantrums are shtick. I had a boss like him when I was young… turned her my butt as I walked out on her… happiest day in my life, Jason.

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    I missed last nights show.
    Downloading now.

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    Here is the animal commercial you were thinking of, Phil:

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