“Best Of” on the radio…

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    I agree…I am burning out from trying to get a bit from the past onto my ipod so I can listen when I need it…big Larry Grover fan…I would say at least 1/2 the time the bit isn't even there when I go to open them on this site…

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    phil why did you go after justin luey and the flashback i cant get those shows to my ipod any easier than that

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    Show idea… Jay or similar fills condoms with Red Bull or other nasty-tasting substance and then leaves them where toddlers are likely to find them… the bad taste will prevent them from later sucking on real used condoms they find. Gross idea? Over the edge? "Its all about saving lives folks." Do we want a repeat of the recent news story where a little one got herpes this way? I didn't think so.

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