This morning the show got rolling with comments on podcasting, the death of radio, and whether or not Phil was showing up for the Podfest tonight in “Beaver-ly Hills”. “The conditions that exist to day in radio is the wholesale robbery of talent and the full suck-age of the music industry…”

Reverend Dave Castorini joined the show to comment on an actual new phenomenon: Christian swingers. Reverend Dave Castorini, who believes in using sex to bring people to the bible, can’t abide Christian swingers. “One looks like a mutant from the future, another looks like a woman presenting as a man, another has bee bees on a billiard table for boobs and the other has cans made out of cement…”

Episode 216 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    OMG such a great show here and the Chef Carl commercial, we need more of him, miss him.

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