The Saturday BSP-Only Show!

Dr. Ed Elcott welcomes his guest Body Godberg, an Elector Saint of Elcott, to talk about a turf war with the Gurudedev Disciplite.

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  • pixel traveller
    pixel traveller

    I’m getting wrecked on sherbet and watching this for the 20th time

  • Avatar

    Best Elcott ever. Love me some gangland preservatives

  • Tensai

    This ELCOTT episode is hands down the grade AA jumbo funniest of ELCOTT episodes out of all of them so far. Everything about it is just fantastic.

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    bait shack!! Love it

  • Alan Spies
    Alan Spies

    Looking forward to using the word “Disciplelite” in casual conversation

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Great show!!! Sugar Shack, woo!

  • Avatar
    Teal Pelish


  • John  In LA
    John In LA

    I’m already laughing

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