Chris Norton, a part-time telemarketer from Hermosa Beach, California joined us for our two-hour special on preparing kids for the world.  Mr. Norton is 26 years old and recently approached his father about getting money for a new business he wants to start, an adult film studio. His idea is to produce adult films based on regular movies like “Gone With The Wind” and “E.T.” “I can have Rhett Butler getting oral from Scarlet O’Hara,” says Chris. His father turned him down though and now Chris says he needs his parents to “come through with something” since they didn’t prepare him properly for the world and he doesn’t know how to fill out a job app. Chris spent the whole day today sitting on the couch at his parents house (where he also sleeps) filming himself masturbating “so I can get the techniques and stuff.”

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    LOL you deleted my husband's comment. I can't believe he posted it so fair enough. What an ass, lol.

  • blouseclowns

    either that or you're using a mackie board, which in my opinion may cause a problem. dunno though.

  • blouseclowns

    maybe a pre amp on the phone? if it gets transferred to digital in the process it may lose some push.

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    That Chris Norton bit had me rolling on the floor.

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