Tonight, Reverand David Casanova from the Casanova Ministries in Norco, California talks about spreading the word of Christ through honesty and sex. That’s right, the Reverand  tells Phil that in a recent blog on their youth ministries web site he counseled young men to be honest with young ladies they pick up for a date. Young men are so used to telling young ladies “how nice” they look.  But be honest, says David. If they don’t look nice tell them. “You’re gonna be hard on the eyes tonight but I have a feeling you’re going to start looking better and better.” That’s what Reverand Casanova calls “the healing power of the Holy Spirit.” It’s a religious act having sex with a girl you’re not attracted to. After a couple of women give David a hard time though his true nature comes out. He confesses to Phil that after watching a documentary on, say, Ted Bundy, he stands up and applauds.

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    Yeah, I especially enjoy the video on-demand, extremely fascinating behind-the-scenes stuff, hilarious and interesting. IMO worth the price of the back stage pass alone. I too would love to be able to download the vod's to my computer, especially since they're only up for 5 days and then gone…(forever?).

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    Yeah I forgot to Check the Follow up Box with the question I just asked.
    Thanks again.

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    Hey I have no Idea how it works but i just want to know if it is Possible (or if you're allowed to..I don't want to Break any rules etc.) to Download the Actual Video of the Show(s).It's really funny between the Breaks and I was just wondering if they are downloadable and if so how you do it.
    PS:Lastnight with The dude Cassinova was Insane!! Goood work're the Man!

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    I was able to watch the live feed on my Android! Now my wife will be pissed because I'm going to take you bed every night! hrmmm not in a gay way.

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    Thanks for the Ifield serenade at the beginning – made me laugh right out of the gate. Well done, good sir.

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