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Monday, April 18, 2005

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Hour One:

The show opens with the Louis Farrakhan Fashion Show where everyone is wearing a bow tie. Then Phil talks about the My Friends Place Comedy Benefit Sunday night and how everyone was happy to be there but Bill Maher bombed anyway. Judy Horrack, the five year old girl with the voice of a 50 year old man comes on to give income tax advice. Phil blathers about bio-diesel and how its really great but realizes his credibility is shot to hell because he lied about buying a hybrid. RC Collins calls to ask what pilot he is doing right now.......and asks if he works for American Airlines.

Hour Two:

Vernon Dozier, a high school teacher, comes on to explain why he has to take a second job at a "sandwich" shop. His pay as a teacher is inadequate. While teaching is the worlds most honorable profession and he is still forced to stand there taking sandwich orders, he ought to be able to date someone's 15 year old daughter without explaining himself.

Hour Three:

Phil reads an e-mail from a soldier in Iraq who got Phil's autographed picture. Then Phil reads more of the shows funniest lines sent in by listeners. Then he talks about his weekend in Santa Barbara with Maria and somehow that spins into a rap about kids walking into the room while you are having sex with your wife. David G. Hall calls to tell Phil that he hit and killed a kid "on a tricycle" and that he is on his way to the police station to be interviewed and booked by the police. Phil doesn't believe him but David swears its true. Bob Bakian reports on the Michael Jackson case and announces a new sponsor, Old Nob Crème Soda. David calls back to say Phil has violated the FCC rules again by a having a sponsor named Old Nob Crème Soda. David call's back and swears he hit a kid on a tricycle. Phil talks about the new Media Center Podcast. David calls back again and swears he hit the kid...Phil still isn't buying it.


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