Margaret claimed she didn’t know much about “the minutiae of the show” which gave Bud the opportunity to claim she distances herself from the show when she’s with “the ladies that she’s with for lunch.” Phil was stung to hear these ladies thought Phil was “off” and that it might not be the best thing for her to be on our show.

Big discussion this morning also about some of the metal that Phil plays. Margaret claimed some kind of disembodied hand “probed her” and General Shaw said that his wife Patsy felt an invisible finger try and “enter her rectum.”

The panel talked about a brawl that broke out in the Pittsburgh-Milwaukee game yesterday. Bud thinks it started when the pitcher told the hitter he “looked like he sucked weiner.”

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Episode 103 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Joe Miller

    Gum smacking good show.

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    timothy markus

    Where is Nikki? I haven’t had a boner since I fantasized about the cashier at Hardy’s.

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