Bob Green kicked off the show as a gas station owner. He says that gas prices go up because owners need to pay for all of the free stuff that they give out, like paper towels, soap, water, etc.

Art Griego joined us in the second hour to discuss the Peruvian pilot who shot down the missionary plane. Art thinks it was because of an Incan uprising against missionaries.

Jeff Dowder kicked off the final hour. Some guy called 911 after an accident, and not only did he not say thank you, but he didn’t offer a reward either. How ungrateful…

Phil wrapped up the show to give his non-controversial controversy: “I do not like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I could get fired for this…”

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  • Barry

    The Phil memories section in hour 2 where the caller talked about Steve Bosell putting a bic pen up his but thinking it was a thermometer bit. I still haven’t found that. Is it in the archives? There are a couple bits close to that one but not that one specifically.

  • Avatar

    Nothing will ever bet Austin Amarka’s gas station gig, where he’d let his retarded brother yell “DING DING” as the cars pull into the garage, all while he would wipe the drool from his mouth with an oily rag. “Don’t you ever say anything bad about my mama, Mr. Hendrie – she was beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, as she lay dying after giving birth to me..” god I loved that bit.

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