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Friday, April 20, 2001

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Phil started the show with a rant about 420 Day. Have we ever crossed the line?

Michael P. Castrado joins in the middle of the hour to do his conservative talk show. He's actually black and used a "ball strangulation device" to sound white.

Phil closed the first hour with a rant about the story of Yvonne asking Phil to reserve a hotel room for him because it's hard for blacks to get a room. He then continued on about the XFL million dollar game and college football.

Skippy and Frank started the second hour with a Columbine Anniversary special.

Phil then went into another rant and explained the show using the Bobbie "school bully" bit. Phil also gives a Weight Watchers update, and discusses what he endorses in the Hendrie household.

The final hour starts with "True Talent of Towering Pantload" and closes with Bud Dickman's weekly Top 10.


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