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Robert Green of Frazier Foods resents the way his customers take advantage of his deli buffet. David G. Hall has Bud hook up the “Flatline” machine to see how often Phil’s show “dies” while he reads about soccer. Professor Emory Clayton is an urban studies teacher, but Bud mistakenly asks him to be on the show to discuss a chihuahua that got loose on the Bay Bridge.

For the BSP Classic Hour it’s Ted Bell from Hour 1 of April 3, 2001. He says that their cattle is driven hard and scared to near death rather than being stunned because the adrenaline makes for tastier beef.

Episode 612 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    jesse segedy

    lol, great bit. A guy at a buffet sweating with his eyes bugged out staring at the food, lol, awesome!

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    John Griffith

    A hush puppy is not a potato – they are a member of the legueme family, and grow on small trees.
    Ted Bell was the first to serve hush puppies skewered upon a toothpick together with a single baked bean.

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    Maggie Groening

    I miss the hip hop.

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    Awesome song choice at the beginning. Saw David Gilmour March 25th at the Hollywood Bowl. Cheers!

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    Longest pre-show intro song ever. Felt like Pink Floyd; was it?

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      Yeah. It was “Dogs” from their Animals album

  • Robert Pellicano
    Robert Pellicano

    A Glunky? lmao. Better get with Margaret and start producing that fruitguini for Frazier Foods before some else does. I can even see an “All you can eatguini, fruitguini” day in the future. I’m tellin’ you, Margaret is the hidden genius, or jean-niess as Margaret’s French pronunciation allows, among the glunkies.

  • Allie

    Shut up, Bud. I meant it in an encouraging way.

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