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Does Donald Trump have something on Fox News’ Roger Ailes? Bud and Don Micksa have a clue (visit @TheBudDickman on Twitter to see the clue). And Phil talks with Jeff Dowdder about his new robot, Mary. We also hear Mary speak!

From the first hour of April 4, 2003 comes the BSP Classic Hour for today. RC Collins calls himself a war veteran, even though he’s just a military cadet watching the Iraq War in his dorm room. He refers to the academy as the sixth branch of the US military.

Episode 613 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    David Ritter

    This is one of the best R.C. Collins bits ever.

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    Don MacDonald

    Loved your pre-show comments. Raw, uncensored and spot-on when it comes to the state of the election.

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    Hearing Hendrix on the pre-show brought back memories. I used to spend hours upon hours learning those tunes on guitar as well as studying Mitch Mitchell’s drumming. In case Phil is still interested, Wikipedia has the story on “Voodoo Chile”:

    Also the Mary the Robot segments remind me of the dog from “Sleeper”: “Woof. Woof. Woof. Hello, I’m Rags.”

  • Michael

    Dowdder needs to have Mary go on a date to Jack in the Box with Bud to prove that she is in fact real. She can then glitch out when they screw up Bud’s order… Westworld style.

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