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Monday, August 1, 2005

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Hour 1:

Margaret Gray, Jay Santos, Herb Sewell, Chris Norton, and Lloyd Bonifide join Phil in a roundtable discussion about Natalie Holloway at the Rusty Pelican. Ward R.Jameson with CLAP Radio says it's in bad taste to make fun of Natalie Holloway. Laurel and Hardy get blown up by an Al Qaeda backpack. Baseball News: 5 people stabbed to death at Dodger Stadium. Jack Brant tracking garbage that was released from a space shuttle.

Hour 2:

High School football coach Vernon Dozier is putting steroids in his players smoothies without them knowing.

Hour 3:

Dr.Dean Edell says picking your nose makes you look like a goober. Phil talks about his experience with valet parking at "Chapter 8" restaurant. Hal and Viola watched the webcast and were disappointed when they saw that Phil does the show. Frank Gray calls in to talk about Rafael Palmeiro testing positive for steroids, and as usual, gets his genders mixed up.


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