Hour One:

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is asking men not to wear sunglasses at public pools and beaches because they might be looking lasciviously at underage girls in sexy bathing suits and “making deposits in the spank bank.”

Hour Two:

Colonel Gaylan Shaw calls to talk about the new TV show he is a part of, “The People Decide,” where, in one episode, the crash of Princess Diana’s Mercedes is re-examined in an, ultimately, completely unacceptable way.

Hour Three:

Darrell Webbers Blues Show kicks off with his sideman Junior T-Bone and special guest Pastor William Rennick. The whole thing comes to a crashing end when David G. Hall calls and tells Phil to “knock off the Amos and Andy stuff…..” Frank Gray calls Phil to talk about how he is producing Julia Roberts new play on Broadway….he keeps referring to Ms Roberts as “him”….Little Logan Benson calls to tell the audience what his grandpa has been saying lately…..Phil takes calls from people watching the webcast in Milwaukee, Temecula, El Paso and…………..INDIA!

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    streaming link on this show stops after the first segment of hour one.

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