Larry Grover is back from Iowa and hit the air of the Phil Hendrie Show last night disgusted with Michele Bachman “deep sixing” a corn dog. Larry told Phil he thinks there is no doubt, judging by the relaxed look in her eyes and her jaw seemingly accommodating the gag reflex that Bachmann “makes a daily practice of ‘sliding a few”.”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is alerting all Rick Perry supporters that he and his sub-commanders will be at Rick Perry rallys questioning people about “seceding from the union” and “the whole sedition thing….”

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  • mint-reg702

    you gotta be faster on the draw plunder. Piling on doesn't get as many points even if it was pretty good.

  • plunderpants

    At one time Robert had his own show, but Phil took him in after he was black listed. How's that ometepino? Base hit? Double, perhaps. One run will score?

  • ometepino

    Homerun!!!!! Awesome reply!!!!

  • brotherdallas

    Robert is the color guy

  • hametown

    Hi, Phil – as an ex-radio man, I have a pretty good idea what Bud's duties are, but what does Robert do? Thanks

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