David G. Hall and one of the sales team for the Phil Hendrie Show, Dean, called Phil to tell him the Michele Bachmann Corn Dog material was overkill and “shooting fish in a barrel.” Dean told Phil that because of the recession selling air time in his show was tough and Phil talking about Michele Bachmann “sliding one” didn’t help.

Herb Sewell, a convicted child molester now out on parole told Phil he dared not try and rescue a kid at Laguna Beach yesterday for fear he’d be arrested by the police or beat up by some “vigilante.” The best he could do, said Herb was “take out a stop watch and time how long it would take for the kid to sink under the waves while I ate my cashews and soup.”

Also Harvey Weirman and Jeff Dowder checked in….on the Constitution and what it takes to tow a fat kid out of the waves

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    I love David G Hall. The more ahole, the better!

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    show idea…. Dean Wheeler feels so bad for those poor Afplakistanis that we recently did in ,, just like that Whale that died in the Sacramento River.. see,,, wer'e all like the whales who need to be milked with love and not huuuurttt. those "SEALS" who went down in the helicopter were bad.. whales are gooder.. more gooder,,, we should morn for Whales,, we need to bathe mankind in the loving milk of life,, just like a mother whale does for its calf.. dont be mean,, people are mean.. Phil<<,, i wanna remove your eyes with a melon baller and have skull sex with the holes… all my love and i need my ass basted,,,,Herb

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    The Harvey Wireman bit had me doubled over with laughter! It killed me. I also like the bits where the guest has trouble hanging up the phone. Gets me every time.

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    Great stuff, Phil! Harvey killed, and Herb eating cashews and soup was priceless.

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    This is a really good Herb Sewell bit even thought Herb turned into David G. Hall towards the end, ha ha WTF? "When I look into the eyes of a fat kid, I see murder." Eat you soup sicko.

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