Hour 1:

FIRST HALF. Phil talks in depth about last week’s Mexico vacation. Phil asked what the coolest scene was in Jaws. David G Hall says Phil’s listeners don’t fly to the tropics. SECOND HALF. David G Hall continues to say Americans are not adventurous and gets into an argument with a caller. Phil closes mentioning how him and Maria tend to make gay couples feel at ease, but in Mexico he saw a weird gay couple in Speedos.

Hour 2:

Jeff Dowder survived a shark attack while surfing. He says you should bleed into the water and splash around, because sharks don’t like humans and the splashing doesn’t look much like a sea lion. Phil closes talking about coaching hell week, parents who think schools will get kids into physical shape, female fans. Flashback of 2001-08-10 hour two

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Phil on bad ways to promote concepts, talks with callers, family friendly advertising. SECOND HALF. Genetically modified food, callers chat about favorite characters. Flashback of How Many Beers Would It Take.

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