Hour 1:

Steve Bosell was at the restroom at Outback Steakhouse and a guy walked in on him and said ‘who died in here’. Steve experienced PTSD. Phil closes talking about the fad of foreign names for kids, and how certain names like Ian are cherry-picked. He suggests it’s not very American.

Hour 2:

Coach Vernon Dozier says that kids dying on high school football fields is because of a ‘pussy’ stamina. Phil closes discussing Sylvia, a self-professed MENSA member, who unwittingly argues with Phil’s fake character and plays her in a flashback 2001-08-20 hour one

Hour 3:

FIRST HALF. Connie Chung’s upcoming interview with Gary Condit. Phil promotes the BSP and archives. Phil performs South Of The Border Diary August 13. SECOND HALF. Phil does Larry King opening, Phil talks about news themes, bubonic plague, scary movies. Phil complains he can’t get good celebrity guests to visit the studio, but Gary Oldman, Harry Shearer, and others did show.

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    Chuck Yeager

    When Vernon claimed to African American to a woman caller in hour #2, then tried to pock her up, i couldn’t stop laughing. Best quotes: “my semen has been checked,” “the only way you get a healthy child is by putting a woman on her hands and knees,” and “I dont ebgage in any [email protected] missionary style!”.

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    100% without a doubt the best Vernon Dozier bit ever. I have heard it several times now and it just doesn’t get old.
    Phil did several clever things witin this segment… Any true student of comedy must hear this in its entirety.

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    Classic with a capital K! The woman brags to an imaginary character that she is Mensa and has a higher IQ than Coach Dozier. Vernon is my favorite. Does anyone remember “the woman in that room ain’t my wife. She used to be my wife. But she ain’t my wife now.”

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      Yeah, he slid her trays of food under the door!!

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