Monday, August 23, 2004

Hour 1: RC Collins, military cadet, says that the military will have to take over the government if a coward like Kerry gets elected.

Hour 2: “Harvey Wireman’s Senior Chat” is on the air. Today’s topic: How far have you dragged a human being under your car without knowing it?

Hour 3: Next is “The Tim Robbins Report.” Fresh from a “saliva rub-down” at a day-spa, Mr. Robbins explains to Phil how John Kerry was single-handedly about to win the Vietnam War. However, President Nixon selfishly cancelled his plans when he found out that Kerry was a Democrat.

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    HOUR 3: JEFF DOWDER reports from Athens Greece Olympics

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    Also on HOUR 3: “Nathan Products” A suicide prevention/office accessory hotline.
    “I wanna kill myself”, “WELL DON’T THAT BEAT ALL?”

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