Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hour 1: A follow-up with RC Collins, a cadet at Bradley Military Academy. Collins felt disrespected at an Ashlee Simpson meet-and-greet when his cadet’s uniform did not get him special treatment. Phil says that he has received a personalized, signed photo of Ms. Simpson from her record company as an apology, which chills Collins out. Next, it’s time for “Wandering Eye Poetry” – where the world’s finest poems are read by people with wonky eyes. Steven Hartnet, a poet with the University of Cambridge, recites Robert Frost’s “A Prayer in Spring” as his left eye heads due east.

Hour 2: Margaret Grey talks about how Bush’s reporter preference extends to the buffet line.

Hour 3: Vernon Dozier says Olympic volleyball is an attempt to shove California culture down everyone’s throats. He HATES beach volleyball.

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