On the show tonight Dr. Jim Sadler talked about the need for measles vaccinations and a preacher at the church he attends with his wife Tammy that wears purple shorts and a cape…

The Miley Cyrus controversy was dealt with by Bobbie Dooley with Steve chiming in. Bobbie is again worried women won’t know how to dance like craven sluts to please their men so she’s (naturally) giving classes…

Deane Wheeler, on the show to talk about mental health, is distracted by a family of squirrels that have been living in a tree on Deane’s property for months. Among the many bits of discussion is a pest control guy that Deane hired who is fashioning “little nooses” and Austin Amarca calling and advising Deane to “show the squirrels how much better humans have it. Open your bathroom window and let them see you drawing a bath.”

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