Hour 1

Bobbie Dooley is at California Adventure and calls in to talk to Phil. Her husband Steve is on a rollercoaster. Bobbie takes this opportunity to promote the Labor Day Bobbie Dooley Marathon and the New Bobbie Dooley Blog on the website. Phil talks about what is coming up on the show and how there was a death on a rollercoaster recently. Phil plays a listener flashback called “Sylvia knows jujutsu”, and discusses the top rollercoaster’s in America. Margaret Gray calls in from Crawford, Texas. She says Martin Sheen and Cindy Sheehan are related. She begins singing and when she is done an air strike ensues. Phil talks about his friend DJ who was in Vietnam and how he would map terrain. In the news Phil talks bout how Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Bud Dickman comes on to tell Phil that is must be smelly in the Superdome because of all the “Brothers.” David Hall phones in and says Thailand isn’t giving relief for the hurricane because of Phil.

Hour 2

Brad Rifkin comes on to tell Phil the school does not want him to carpool. He also tells Phil it is because he keeps harassing a boy in the carpool. Callers phone in and tell Brad he is a bully, and says it is not nice. One callers goes so far as to say he belongs in jail.

Hour 3

Phil reads e-mail and tells the listeners how he is reading a book on Stalingrad, and discusses his blog. Phil talks about how an oil rig came off of its moorings due to Hurricane Katrina. Margaret Gray sings so vain and falls down the stairs. Ted Bell joins Phil promoting his buckwheat potato, and he is also mad that Phil played the Little Rascals theme because of the buckwheat potato. Frank Gray joins Phil to talk about Hurricane Katrina…Phil talks about how Fillmore Middle the pilot may get picked up.

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    After being pounded to death with 10 year Katrina anniversary crap I had to go back and listen to this. Thanks for the funny Mr. Hendrie.

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