Hour 1

Brass Villanueva is on to talk about how he almost drowned and how 2 lifeguards gave him C.P.R. Of course he thinks something was wrong with the way they handled it and says he was double teamed. Callers get annoyed and call Phil and Brass saying he is an idiot for wanting to die rather than receive C.P.R. because he is Mexican. Gabby believes Brass is insecure! Phil closes the hour with what is coming up in the remaining 2 hours.

Hour 2

Father James McQuarters is on to tell Phil that he allows kids to use foul language on campus until Hurricane Katrina blows over. Listeners believe that Father James lacks respect because he does not demand it or conduct himself in a proper way. Phil plays a flashback of Bob Greene…The 30 Minute Delivery Service.

Hour 3

Phil believes that they will have to rebuild the levee in New Orleans, and he comments on all the looting going on. Phil reads how Art Garfunkle got busted for pot. Art Griego is on to tell Phil his car was hit by a train. He was fine with car crash, he jumped out. Phil reads more news on Art Garfunkle…the reason he got caught was he had a lit roach in the ash tray. The Mayor of New Orleans believe this just may be the end to this city. David G. Hall calls complaining and tells Phil not to say “Pounding Canals.” Phil discusses the Bobbie Dooley Marathon for labor day, and he openly discusses things that happen to him but nobody else. Phil gives Wayne Roberts movie a plug in the final hour!

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