Phil and the crew broadcast from the ELCOTT Redeemery on the Big Sur coast in California. The ELCOTT yogana program is discussed (for women to qualify they must be able to cross their ankles behind their head) and Dr Elcott almost comes to blows with Deane Wheeler over a “dirty paperback” Wheeler was reading near the pool.

Episode 457 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    Hearing you laugh during many of the segments made me hysterically laugh as well. While listening to your podcasts, I wonder how you keep yourself from giggling. It was a great show, and I am so happy to hear your brother is doing better!!!!!

    • Chris Garguilo
      Chris Garguilo

      I just have to add, I love the line that Dr. Elcott gives a cleanse with an apparatus that looks like a pipe cleaner. Hilarious!!!!

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    todd allen

    Listened to the big sur show from the UPPER PENINSULA of Michigan!!!! Phil now you know what it is like to almost be in the up. Pretty sure you’re seeing more people lol!!!

  • Avatar

    Your lady makes you laugh too much during the show. The overlords mustr level her to farm fresh

  • Darren Webb
    Darren Webb

    Happy Burthday Phil!
    Love you man!

  • Andrew

    Abacab! Love it, Phil appreciating Phil! In the future we need more of Bud singing and this is his kind of tune. Abadab!

  • Brent

    Just think if Phil had not gone to Big Sur I would have never come across this terrible news report…

    08/31/2015 – A Union City woman appeared to have drowned after sliding down a cliff into the Pacific Ocean near Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in the Big Sur area of Monterey County on Friday afternoon, according to sheriff’s deputies.

    Medina Faraz, 20, was climbing down a cliff around 2:30 p.m. Friday when she slipped into an uncontrolled descent and fell into the ocean.

    Monterey County Search and Rescue responded with California State Parks personnel to recover the body. After that, a detective from the Monterey County coroner’s office took over the investigation, according to deputies.

    The preliminary cause of death appears to be drowning, investigators said.

    RIP Medina I’m sure you were a good person and will be missed

  • Bonnie

    I’m so glad to hear that your brother is doing better Phil. That’s such good news.

  • Tony

    Ha! Great show from the Redeemery, I haven’t heard Phil openly laugh during the show this much in a long time…sounds great!

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