The Saturday BSP Show!

Featuring the Friday night chat.

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  • Brena

    Who won the Phil doll? We need more Phil Hendrie dolls.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    I know Lloyd and Gaylen are similar, that being curmudgeonly war vets. But there are great differences in attitude between them. Lloyd has always had the hair trigger personality where The General, maybe from being a panel member, is more rational.

    I also have formed the wardrobe of PHS characters in my head for example, The General is always in ironed slacks and short-sleeved button down shirts and Lloyd wears velour track suits- something he can just lay down with after swallowing the horse pill to calm him down.

  • Peter Van Atta
    Peter Van Atta

    Hi Phil, It was hard to hear you during the remote when you leaned back from the microphone. This I noticed during the video cast playback. Thanks. Peter

  • AWGrizzly

    This chat based BSP show is quite good… WTG Phil.

  • brent

    all my saturdays…bad review

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