Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley is on with Phil to promote “Toys for our Tots.” She is asking for donations for their children. Tune in to see just how far Bobbie is willing to go for her kids at Western Estates.

Hour 2:

Phil discusses the CD signing in Arcadia and the fans he met. Phil plays a flashback from 10-03-03 called “Bosell and Limbaugh”. See what happens when General Jamison discovers what eggnog really is. Entrepreneur Chris Norton has a new business he calls “Project Mile High Club.”

Hour 3:

Larry Grover is on with Phil to discuss his recent arrest. See what happens when he tells the listeners he tried to have an escort accompany him to a function. Mavis Leonard joins Phil to discuss Tookie Williams. She used to baby-sit him as a child.

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    Kerry Chapman

    I’ve heard a lot of Bobbie Dooley, but this one is funny in so many different ways!!

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