Bobbie and Steve Dooley joined the show to talk about Bobbie heading up a delegation of high school students to visit South Korea with the hope of traveling to North Korea and expressing their sorrow at the death of Kim Jong Il. Bobbie says she isn’t worried about being arrested by North Korean border gaurds. “I’m the mother of three teenage sons and I haven’t met a z****rhead yet that scares me.”

Next up RC Collins says he wants to hang hard like a real soldier so he and other military academy cadets “drank gin form the bottle, took off our shirts” and went out joy-riding last Fiday night.

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    I loved that caller Terry, at the end he say to R.C., "I hate you," then hangs up. At 165:00 in video cast.

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    What in Gods name is up with the videocast buffering and freezing every 5 f'n minutes. What a joke this has become

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    Gaddanm, do a spell check bfore yu psottr!

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