Hour 1: Jay Santos is on to talk about President Obama wanting a civilian security force. Jay says his group was the first ones to do this. Jay sent out an email called Operation Neighborhood in support of Obamacare. He and his team are going to restaurants listening in on people’s private conversations to make sure they are saying thruthful things about Obamacare. If they aren’t he asks them for their ID. If they refuse, he will zip tie their hands.

Hour 2: Jay Santos stays on for this hour.

Hour 3: Brittany Murphy passed away over the weekend. Phil talked about how he worked with her on King of the Hill. A Washington DC detective is on desk duty for pulling his gun after he was hit by a snowball during a snowball fight, that was advertised on Twitter and Facebook. Alan Grayson files a complaint over a website that made fun of him. There’s some commentary. Citadel Broadcasting files for bankruptcy. Phil explains some things about business. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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