Hour 1: Hewlett Packard may be racist. Webcams built into its PC are incapable of recognizing black users. Professor Emory Clayton says there is a record of black people and some people want to irradicate this record.

Hour 2: Phil starts out this hour with some political talk. David G Hall calls in to talk about a production meeting. He says the bumper music is too weird. He thinks that What a wonderful day by the Dixie Echoes is more appropriate. Airlines can only leave passengers on the tarmac for 3 hours. Some commentary. Phil takes a phone call. More talk about Brittany Murphy’s death.

Hour 3: Ted Bell comes on the show to discuss a manger scene that he put up in Beverly Hills. The authorities want him to take it down. They don’t necessarily oppose the manger scene, it’s the sign that Ted put up with it advertising his steakhouse that they objected to. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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