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Monday, December 4, 2017

A real clusterf*ck at the beginning of our live stream but Phil pulled it together. Frank Grey was live from The Elcott Festival in Culver City, scouting a fire eater and two jugglers and explaining his nuero-syphilis and gender confusion. Also Jay Santos and Jeff Dowdder on sharks, and Larry and Gloria Grover talk about Larry’s inability to boycott the NFL.

The BSP Classic Show is from September 2003. Jim Sadler intimidates people driving slow in left lane. He flashes the high beams and lays on the horn. Eric Hester counsels new couples not to molest their newborn children.

Episode 1042 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I’ve listened to this episode several times now and it still keeps me in stitches!

  • pyrobaculum

    I’ve always told my subcommanders, if you see a shark, get rid of the helmet – ’cause the last thing i wanna see is your head on the dock with a helmet on, ya know – it’d embarrass me and it’d embarrass every swingin’ you know what…
    The wisdom of jay santos, C.A.P.

  • Avatar

    I love that the whole crew was DEAD serious about having seen JAWS.

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