Hour 1: David G Hall comes on the program to talk about the stamp of Mother Theresa. As an Atheist, David thinks it’s a disgrace that she get’s on a stamp and a prominent atheist doesn’t. He wants Phil to devote one hour a day during the show to stop this stamp from going forward.

Hour 2: Bobbie Dooley is on to talk about the fact that she painted her house blood red in support of the healthcare bill. She’s the president of the homeowners association so she’s allowed to do it, the rules don’t apply to her. She says she made an executive decision. Like she did when she stopped newspaper deliveries because of information overload. At the end of hour 2 Phil talks about Beyonce winning 3 Grammy awards and the Jersey Shore.

Hour 3: Phil talks about the 20th anniversary of the Phil Hendrie show. Then he talks about some news including President Obama bowing to the Mayor of Tampa, the Air Force academy devoting an outdoor space for pagan worshipers, climate change and politics. At the end of the show more news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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