Hour 1: It’s crime night on the Phil Hendrie Show. Phil interviews Michael Stone, a forensic psychiatrist and teacher from the Investigation Discovery program Most Evil. The topic is terrorist and how they think. Before the interview Phil talks about the Question and Answer session Obama had with Republicans.

Hour 2: Dean Wheeler is on to talk about a website him and Emerelda put together called New World Matches. It’s supposedly a site where straight men can go to find friends. But the ads are pretty provocative. A guy dancing wearing a speedo in front of another guy putting on Chapstick. He wanted to put an ad out during the Superbowl, but CBS rejected it. Dean doesn’t understand why.

Hour 3: Dr. Ron Tarner in on in hour 3 to talk about climate change. He says that good people are losing their jobs because of the climate change opponents. He says it doesn’t matter if climate change is true or not just that the articles get written. He says he uses big words. Ron also talks about dogs becoming feral and coming back home to kill their owners, and that’s due to carbon emissions. At the end of the hour Phil talks about John Edwards, and Dr. Greenthumb with some random news.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    These archives shows are by themselves worth the price of admission! My only regret is discovering you Phil much too late. Keep the laughs coming!

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