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Monday, February 20, 2017

RC Collins is back with his Alt-Right Report. He talks about Milo’s appearance on Bill Maher. Herb Sewell joins the program to discuss the latest historical rankings of US presidents. Dean Wheeler tries to hold it together in the face of a harassing traveling squirrel to voice support for the FCC. Phil chats briefly with a member of the San Bernardino Greasers hockey team about their Chase of the Boner Cup.

Our BSP Classic Show is from May 2004. Margaret Gray thinks that flying the flag on Memorial Day is just going to piss off the terrorists even more. Lloyd Bonafide has a “One Man Show” called “A Living Casualty” that he presents at malls for Memorial Day.

Episode 842 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Oh shit, is this the Lloyd bit where he gets chicken gizzards from the butcher to put on his hands so he can scare the kids like his hand is blown off? Fucking underrated bit. Poor kids hanging out on their bikes eating ice cream on Memorial Day while Bonafide runs around with his hands looking like pulp

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