Jeb Bush dropping from the presidential race is discussed by Conservatives of Kern County Chairman Larry Grover, who’s out golfing with Frank Grey to raise money for his organization. Father James McQuarters discusses the Apple iPhone “back door” controversy and it’s also revealed that the term “door to door” is likewise a sexual inference. Pastor William Rennick believes the “British Empire” can withstand any “Brexit” from the European Union…

Episode 582 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Anton

    I was a Mormon missionary and went “door to door” for two years… only now do I realize what I’ve done. Ohh God forgive me.

  • henry

    Hey Phil do I have to take lsd to see better whats in the wooden panels that is your background

  • scott lucchese
    scott lucchese

    Love Pastor Rennick & the UK

  • Avatar

    Nothing is funnier than a dirty old Catholic priest.

    • Chris Garguilo
      Chris Garguilo

      I agree! Father McQuarters is one of my favorite characters!

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