Bobbie and Steve Dooley are at the “Gated Community Expo” talking with Phil about the kinds of foods people using food stamps should not be allowed to eat: steaks, lobster, chops, cutlets, and cakes. Dave Oliva imagines what it will be like if Americans and Chinese meet on Mars in 2020. Doug Danger discusses the film “The Sister of Frankenstein,” where apparently there’s graphic sex between Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of Frankenstein on a gurney.

Episode 583 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I can’t picture Steve Dooley wearing a blazer.

    The Doug Danger observation on Frankenstein needs to be instantly launched into the classic archives. My God, how hilarious.

    “Ya, FRIEND”…..LOL

    • Avatar

      It’s definitely crumpled and maybe 1-2 sizes too big. I picture it being brown in color as well, maybe with suede elbow patches “to look smart-like” or something.

  • henry

    what happened to the couple that flew around in there plane talking to you and then would crash that was some funny funny shit phil

    • Avatar

      Hal and Viola Levolier were great. I have a picture in my head of both of them up there, gnawing on a huge cheese ball, somewhere over Laughlin, Nevada while their 152 keeps stalling out as Viola keeps trying to wrestle the phone out of Hal’s hands to tell Phil “Oh we just love your show, Phil!”.

  • Avatar

    would love to hear more Phil commercials, I cant get enough of Barneys Roses,, Roses Meatballs slidells homes{Underwater}.. thanks,,

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