Hour 1:

Phil discusses the Jackson Whites and who they are. R.C. Collins tells Phil that they outta go up in the mountains and flame throw all the Jackson Whites. Bud Dickman plays Porky Pig sound fx when Phil stumbles over his words. Margaret Gray joins the program with Harvey Wireman and Lloyd Bonifide to discuss Air America. Margaret & Harvey sing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonifide believes that trips to Japanese Steakhouses might trigger flashbacks for war veterans due to post traumatic stress syndrome.

Hour 3:

Chris Pootay’s Love Songs is coming thru the airwaves…he’s taking love song requests. David G. Hall decides to send in Dr. Toins to zap Phil. David G. Hall fires Phil for saying “Big box,” right before he fires Bud and hires Harvey Wireman and Lloyd Bonifide. Margaret Grey joins us with a program called “Cavalcade of Cows.” Herb Sewell joins us with a program called “Filmstars I’d like to take into my basement.”

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    Think these are miss labeled.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Could be, thanks. We’ll check them

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