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Monday, February 7, 2005

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Hour 1

Mr Steven Bosell with another lawsuit. This one is against, incredibly, his five year old nephew for pointing at Steve's "lower body" and saying "shooting blanks" because that's what the little guy heard his aunt talking about. Steve is sure the kid is trying to humiliate him as a way of getting back at Steve for being drunk behind the wheel the night his father died 4 years ago. Steve is trying to "come at" the kid so the kid knows "it's on" in case the kid has anything in mind that's a bit heavier, like sitting in his car seat behind Steve all innocent and then suddenly driving a pencil into Steve's medulla. Phil then waxed grateful over how clean the studio was since he, Pelton and Neumann all couldn't get rid of a cold due to pollen, dust and other crap floating around in there.

Hour 2

Comb-Over Boy makes and appearance, once again getting it all wrong about Phil leaving KFI and going to Extra Sports AM 570. Boy says he is jealous of Phil's talent, sense of humor and over all superiority to Boy and so Boy is bitter. His callers point out he was also wrong about John and Ken leaving KFI. Boy breaks down and weeps his way through the end theme to his show. We then have a Herb Sewell listener flashback and Phil talks about his friend taking New England and giving the points in the Super Bowl and getting hosed. Charlie the Complainer calls to complain about the fact that with Phil going to Extra Sports AM570 he won't be able to complain about him being on KFI. David G. calls up and agrees with the caller, as usual. Phil reads an e-mail from an African American listener in Iceland, a first. Then Hal and Viola call to verify what station Phil is going to and in the process crash their airplane again.....

Hour 3

Jeff Dowder calls to talk about Go Daddy.Com, the business with the Super Bowl commercial that got yanked. he says they don't even exist. Then he gets confused about how he is supposed to tune his radio to another station to hear Phil. Mavis Leonard calls and, with her nephew Robert watching "Cops" in the background, she claims that at the Super Bowl half-time show, Paul McCartney "pulled it out of his fly." A man named John Benzinger calls to say he thought the entire halftime show was great if only McCartney hadn't "gone to the bathroom on stage." Darren Brown of C93 in Pierre, South Dakota calls to complain about Phil plugging his new LA station without giving him equal time. Bud goes through the phone again and kills him. Phil goes through the phone after Bud to help dispose of the body then tells Bud to get out of the phone. Phil then talks tequila, goes into more inventions of African Americans trying to educate Bud from his racist ways and explains to Bud why everyone hates Starbucks but still goes there.


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