Hour One: Ted Bell is asking women coming to his restaurant on Valentines Day to dress Las Vegas formal (meaning show some cleavage and leg) That way he and his bus boys who can’t be with their women on Valentines Day can have something to look at. Then we played a Vernon Dozier flashback in which he explains that once one of his students graduates, he’s going to ask her to marry him.

Hour Two: Dr Jim Sadler believes he was sexually harassed by a neighbor, not the other way around, when he placed her hand down his workout tights to check out a “muscle group.” He also mentioned that he is in training for the “Mr Armstrong Competition” whatever that is. Phil then talks about moving to Extra Sports AM570 and how the press, predictably, paint it in the most negative light possible. Phil talks about the fact that everyday he is on the air, it’s a reminder to other radio talent just how average they are.

Hour Three Phil reads some e-mails from idiot listeners who already have problems with the new website design and other troubles they are having and then talks about how completely unlike real listeners these people are. Lanson O’Dell, NFL running back comes in the studio and talks about being at the Super Bowl. Phil then takes some calls from chicks who are trying to sound like they just want to say “hi” but in fact are trying to win a Pajama Gram from Vermont Teddy Bear. Phil hangs up on them. Harvey Weirman’s Law Talk features analysis of the Bill Cosby scandal. Harvey’s eyes are so bad he butchers Bill Cosby’s name into “Buck Cornwall.”

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