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Monday, January 22, 2018

Our live streaming show will be tonight. Today we feature our encore show from January 2015. Ted Bell discusses the Prime Rib Room’s preparations for the Super Bowl, including what he calls “our famous miniature chicken legs.” Also, Jerry Derwakken from an NFL watchdog blog talks about the so-called “Ballgate controversy.”

The BSP Classic Show is from February 2003. Ted Bell wants the federal government to reimburse his restaurant for business losses caused by people staying home and watching the news after the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. And Bobbie Dooley is inspired to teach a sex seminar.

Episode 1077 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    A modern classic. Miniature Chickens are always a riot. Would be interesting to hear more from the NFL Watchdog Blog character.

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    3 years BSP member, why can’t we get a new shower everyday from Monday thru Friday? Why do we continue to get old content?

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      tom griffith

      Quit being a whiney bitch…look up old stuff & drink another zima

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        Fuckn right!!

        • pyrobaculum

          75 year BSP member here, is there some reason we can’t get 24 hour a day live streaming content?

    • Andrea

      You should be in charge of taking a shower yourself instead of asking Phil to soap you up

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