Hour 1:

R.C. Collins reads off the radio shows that are ripping off Phil. Phil thanks his listeners for their support after his mothers passing. Phil talks about the Steelers being back in the Superbowl and a press conference he participated in for “Teachers.” Tom Leykis calls in to bring Phil’s attention to a photo of him on the website. Phil says Sirius will never be able to censor Howard Stern.

Hour 2:

Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police are making sure people don’t buy big screen TV’s and then return them after the Superbowl.

Hour 3:

Chris Norton discusses a technique called the “Chris Norton Clean Break 2006” that keeps the women he sleeps with off his back.

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    Randall Bowman

    ( dear webmaster, I think “Superbowl” [sic] is actually two words )

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