Hour 1:

Jeff Dowder calls in to say he read a magazine article that mentioned Phil. David Hall calls to ask why Phil is wasting time on reading his own press clippings and Bud Dickman practices his new segment. Flight attendant Candice Bergantile tells Phil that she regularly puts troublesome passengers in first class.

Hour 2:

Bob Greene joins Phil tonight to discuss how he monitors his employees e-mail. See what happens when listeners are outraged by Bob’s actions…and Margaret Gray tries to help a caller figure out if Bob Greene is a fraud.

Hour 3:

Brad Rifkin is on and he tells Phil he has a fighting speed bag. For motivation, he placed his wife’s picture on it. Phil got high on paint fumes because Premiere is remodeling. Easy Off comes on with his show “Love At Night.”

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    John Pace

    Phil, I submit hour 2 for the next Classic Show Podcast. Some real gems – Bob Green’s employees looking at child pornography is no business of his.

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