Dealing with a head cold, Phil gives the panel the day off and hosts a half hour of commercials drawn from the Milwaukee Lion broadcasts, featuring WANG radio promos for their various shows, Slidell Homes, Barney’s Roses, Bleederman Crematoriums, Buggerman’s Gardening Supplies, and Jack Bergin Loans…

Episode 562 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    I love these so much!!! Thanks Phil.

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    michael smith

    Good idea to string these spots together. Next time, don’t forget to roll them clean. They got double compression processing.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Lousy Stinking Kraut Jams & Jellies!!! This guy made an appearance on the panel show once. Bring him back!

  • richard seanez
    richard seanez

    I love listening to the lions broadcast’s. My favorite commercial(s) are Slidell homes, bozos pet pills, the lions promotional team…in other words all the commercials. Get better Phil I’ll be waiting for the lions baseball team. Thanks

  • Andrew

    Ads aren’t the main reason I listen to the lions but they’re up there. Would love to hear you incorporate ads back into the daily show like you did throughout 2014. Slidell homes are my favorite, love the ongoing undead saga.

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    god I love these commercials, all this comes right from Phils mind,, amazing,, just amazing…

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    Kenneth Sako

    Can we have an update on Sister Cedalia from the general

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    Pete Cirigliano

    Love it!!! Love the Lions games, but it’s the commercials I look forward to the most. Brilliant stuff, Phil! Hope you’re feeling better.

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    Thanks for making my suggestion a reality Phil!! Hope you feel better my man.

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