Sunday, January 24, 2016. The 2nd Dick features Central Division champion Utah (10-7) against Western champions Portland (15-2) at Tampa, FL. Jack Eigagder, Bret Moreson, Earl Cooch, and Touch Gerber report.

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    Shawn Robinson

    Boy, was I disappointed to find out that OKC was not getting an expansion franchise for next season. At least I can still follow the Lions, that should get me through it.

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    “i kicked his ass” Larry McKinney…I’m crying LOLOLOL

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    Finally listened to the game. Awesome! As an Oregon resident I was glad to hear a Portland pro football team finally “win” something truly important! Here’s hoping for a Logs’ repeat in 2017!!!!!

  • SSWOYER1969

    Earl Cooch for Christ sake,lol! Great Season.

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    Loved the football. Hope there is not a two year hiatus… Absolutely some of my favorite stuff.

  • Tensai

    Fantastic season, and can’t wait for next year. I never thought a postseason with only ads from one sponsor would be so entertaining, but Jack Eigagder and Bozo’s Pep Pills made it awesome.

    Will we see Jack and Brett return this spring for Milwaukee Badger baseball?

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    Don MacDonald

    All hail the Logs!

    Thank you for a hilariously enjoyable season Phil. I hope the Hillbilly Football League will be back in 2016 and if so, I hope Enda Gerber will open up her checkbook and write Jack a big check and at the same time bring in some top free agents. I’d love to see the LA Tan quarterback pack up his tub toys and head to Milwaukee. Maybe Edna can hire Fruitbar Williams to be the head coach of the Lions. I’m laughing to myself thinking about the possibility of Jack interviewing Fruitbar on a weekly basis. Thanks again Phil.

    PS I would pay to hear a selection of best-of commercials from this past season. In addition to Bozo, I loved the Barney’s Roses, Slidel’s Underwater Homes, Rosa’s Meatballs, etc. spots.

  • Tony

    What a great season, thanks Phil, Jack, Brett, Earl, Touch, the sponsors, and everyone at WANG.

    Only fitting that Jack ended his broadcast season with “Fuck it”.

  • Joe Ries
    Joe Ries

    Being that I live in Tampa and a Mormon I’m glad I didn’t see the game in person. I don’t think that there is any magical under ware that could have saved Utah and if I had been there I would have been driven to the drink! Shit!

  • Andrew

    Awesome. With my patriots losing a tough one today I’m going to be relying on you a lot this week Phil to help get me out of my post football depression. Sports radio is out, and I’m not in the mood for music. Right now I’m relying on an old best of to cheer me up: Dean Wheeler when he first introduced “go with it “. Thank you for the audio Prozac.

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