Back from San Francisco, Phil interviews some of the people who were on the stage with him at Stage Werx (Dave Oliva, Bobbie Dooley, and Steve Bosell), and once again, has to put down a possible mutiny by the panel.

Episode 302 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    tom vitek

    Hilarious show. Margaret starting to cry along with Steve and bud being disappointed with his male role models was classic. More like this please. Thanks for bringing the panel back!

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    Mike McCloskey

    Bozell giving out trophies!!! Classic!! The General performing an exam on Dooley!! Margaret busts out a tune! And Dickman “on the ball” with censoring!!
    Great Show!!!

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    3 the bird thing. my pigeon is bad ass too he can stare someone down easy

  • Brent Bradley
    Brent Bradley

    Thanks for opening the show with Handbags and Gladrags! in my opinion Rod Stewart best song ever recorded.

    Great show as always!

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    Louis Rondone

    Boswell was at his blubbering hilarious best, as usual.

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    o wow 59 mins wow wow wow

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